Jamie Moore is an audio-visual artist, musician and music producer based in Brighton, UK. He is interested in the extension of the ephemeral moment, and the subjectivity of human experience. He knits threads of art history to form work that acknowledges the past, whilst building on it in contemporary ways. 

Jamie co-founded experimental label ID Spectral. The label has currently released artists from the UK and Japan on a global scale, and hosts a radio show on Resonance Extra.  They work in ambient, IDM and experimental genres. 

He also works as a music producer and musical artist, running a mixing, mastering and session musician service from his studio, as well as producing his own personal projects. His projects are ongoing and consist of not only music, but also photography. 

He is currently working on an installation environment based on Claude Monet’s Water Lilies series. It uses surround sound and projected visuals to create a meditative space, sound-tracked by field recordings from Monet’s garden in Giverny. These recordings are accompanied by ambient music that references the influence of Japanese art on the painter, drawing compositional inspiration from Hiroshi Yoshimura and Toru Takemitsu, amongst others.


Artistic Statement


As an audio-visual artist I look to the work of the past for inspiration. My practice draws from different art and academia to channel ideologies, themes and theoretical concepts of the past into something new. I am interested in the exploitation of non-linear human perceptions of time, drawing out singular instances into extended moments of calm Jouissance. 

As a musician and producer I look to purvey a kind of honest subjectivity. I am interested in creating textural soundscapes with excessive use of children’s percussion instruments as well as synthesis and Foley sound. I am interested in rhythmic and harmonic tensions between parts rather than virtuosity. I want to be open in my writing, and soft at the core, without avoiding the harshness that we all feel. 

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