Jamie Moore is an audio-visual artist, gallery technician and musician based in central London. 

Jamie co-founded experimental label ID Spectral and is currently working with Eyeless Records as in house mastering engineer and an advisor to label management. 

He is currently working on the installation of the audio-visual elements of the upcoming Tantra exhibition at The British Museum, as well as a new album recorded on a 4-track cassette recorder, utilising classical guitar, synthesiser, field recordings and abrupt changes in song structure.

Jamie's next EP Bouzouki Songs is being released on 11th September 2020.

Artistic Statement


As an audio-visual artist I look to the work of the past for inspiration. My practice draws from different art and academia to channel ideologies, themes and theoretical concepts of the past into something new. I am interested in the exploitation of non-linear human perceptions of time, drawing out singular instances into extended moments of calm. 

As a musician and producer I look to convey a kind of honest subjectivity. I am interested in rhythmic and harmonic tensions between parts rather than virtuosity, as well as the combination of vertical listening practices and more standard songwriting to create texturally lush, fleeting moments, within a cohesive form.

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